About Us

Human body - an energy centre, a power house of cells. Each cell that makes up a tissue and develops into an organ. Every part of the body, every nerve in the body carries this same energy which is essential for ones survival. A “disease” we often speak about, is caused due to imbalance in this very energy that forms the basis of life itself.

Basis to attain healthy living, our ancestors looked into nature and tried to understand its physical and metaphysical relationship on which the whole universe is harmoniously interwoven by different energy patterns to maintain its existential being. Finally, they concluded that every cell of the body has the consciousness of its own, unless there is no harmony between the inner and the outer, real health cannot be achieved. This is the fundamental principle towards the Holistic Health approach. It has been understood and doctrined that the key principles which are underlying in maintenance of the creation order as such are, the basic five elements and two polarities.

In general, we consider the body as a single unit but in reality, the structural body is feminine by polarity and the energy body, “the prana” is masculine (Chinese called it “qi”; Japanese called it “ki”) also known as vital energy.

Unless and until the relationship between the physical body and the metaphysical body are understood and treated properly, a real cure cannot be achieved.

It is advised to see a doctor when you fall sick but wouldn’t it be better if you do not fall sick at all! This might sound implausible but Naturopathy is one technique that heals an ailment right from its source.

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