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Homeopathy is a system for the treatment of disease using minute doses of natural substances which usually in large quantities would be the cause of the symptom it is trying to cure. In minute doses, it stimulates and focuses the healing system into a curative response. There are over five thousand homeopathic remedies derived from plants, minerals, body tissues and other natural substances. Homeopathic medicines are suitable alike for children and adults as it would not cause any side effects or become an addiction.


Is a system developed in China & Fareast over the past 2000 years. It has gained its popularity because it provide instant relief even to the most deadliest of diseases without the need for a surgery and with zero side effects. It uses stimulation of certain energy points on the skin of an individual that effects or modifies the function of specific organs. It evolved as a healing technique as the connection between the skin and organs was understood better. There are over four hundred points on the body, each with specific functions ad effects. Acupuncture is not painful as it makes use of very fine single use sterile needles, so fine that you would not feel the prick too at times.


Acupressure is a traditional therapy which is in practice for more than 2500 years. According to which, everything in nature has two aspects, Yin and Yang, the opposites. This energy flows in certain channels in the body called meridians. In human body, physiological balance is maintained through mutual opposition of these energy aspects which complement each other in a progressive manner. It is said that when there is an imbalance i.e., if either of these energies are in excess or deficient, it results in an energy block leading to sickness or ill health and health is achieved due to free flow of energy in these meridians as every organ of the body is constantly working in interaction with these energies. Congestion or blocks are removed by applying pressure on these points. Acupressure is non invasive and drugless.

Other variants of Acupressure are,

How we treat?

All these techniques of medicine understand one’s emotional and mental state before diagnosis and treatment. They detect sickness early, improve body functions and overall health of a human being. These are quick, safe and cost effective Treatment involves the following steps,

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