Mr. Chinna, Actor, Director and Producer

I have gastric problems so I used to take allopathic medicines which used to cause other problems. During such a time, I found out that Homeopathy works very well for gastric troubles and friends told me about Dr. Prasad. I also had Spondyltis and he gave treatment for that as well. He mixed Acupuncture with Homeopathy. I took treatment for 10 to 15 days and my gastric problem got cured completely without a sign. Spondylitis was not that severe but i used to get relieved with the injections Dr. Prasad used to give me. One day, during my shoot my left hand started hurting a lot and the pain was unbearable around the neck and shoulders. I came to Dr. Prasad and in just 5 days, I saw 80% cure. The main reason I decided to go for alternate medicine was because of the side effects that allopathic medicines have, we take medicine for one thing and another problem crops up. Homeopathy and Acupuncture are alternate medicines which cure an ailment permanently right from its roots. It’s for those who wish to get long term results rather than pain killer kind of an effect which is temporary. During pain, the injection pains a little more but as soon as the medicine is injected, you can feel its flow inside and within few seconds, you feel instant relief. Since Jan 2000, I have only been going to Dr. Prasad for treatment and will keep doing so going forward too. I usually come every 10 days and take an injection though I do not have pain as it calms me down and I feel an immense energy flow inside my body. He cured me and I am very thankful.

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