Madhur Shriyan’s Mother

She has had this skin condition since she was a baby. I had a normal delivery and white patches started appearing on her body just 7 days after she was born and we observed it started after the BCG vaccination was given to her after birth. Doctors suggested ointments with which the patches were suppressed. About 6 months back, she started visiting Dr. Prasad for treatment and since then she has been surviving without the use of any ointments which is a very big thing as since when she was a child, there was never a day when she had not used it. After 30 yrs of trying to find a cure, we came to Dr. Prasad who has a very holistic approach to the entire problem. He tackles it with Acupuncture, Acupressure, Homeopathy and more than anything the emotional healing which he has done to my daughter for the past 6 months has helped and now she has an untied faith in him that he will cure her from this problem.

Madhur Shriyan

6 months back, when I first visited Dr. Prasad, he said that I need to have a lot of patience as this is a long term problem and it will take atleast 1 and half to 2 yrs to cure with continuous treatment. He also suggested that I continue doing omkara and that the most important of all is to have a lot of faith in him. I come every alternate day for treatment. During the first 3 months itself my skin completely cleared and it became much smoother. The allergies I had to food and sun was no more a problem. I could go out in the sun and was able to eat food without thinking about allergies. Lately, patches on portions of my feet and face have aggravated because I have used a lot of steroids in the form of ointments since I was kid which suppressed the infection all these years. Now the toxins are coming out and I believe I will be completely cured with Dr. Prasad’s treatment. More than at a physical level, emotionally he gave me a lot of support. Spiritually, he guided me to think more confidently about myself. He always asks me to think positive and imagine myself completely cured which this helps a lot emotionally. As a child, I was very hurt and sad most of the time. Now I’m happier and positive that in the next few months, I will be totally cured.

I would like to tell everyone to have faith and patience as this is a permanent alternative. I have tried everything so far and in the end when I felt helpless and nowhere to go, I was introduced to this and I am seeing results. You will too.

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